Hello all! My name is Dave and the purpose of this blog is to share my thoughts, opinions, and experiences with living with Type 1 Diabetes.

I am honestly just your average young man in his early 20’s, fresh out of school, working and enjoying life all with diabetes. I was diagnosed at the age of 4 and have a younger sister with it as well so I have definitely been around the block with this disease. Over the years I have experienced many incidents, whether they be small or large, that have coincided with my diabetes. Whether it’s being low in class/work or whether it’s being high while you’re drunk. I have done and seen it all.

Most of the diabetic blogs are very politically polite and talk about the ins and outs of your average daily routines that are PG. But life is so much more than that. Diabetes effects us 24/7, so when your out at a bar or party it’s still on your mind and still a hassle. In this blog I want to talk about what other people around this topic aren’t talking about. I want to include my experiences that are PG and beyond. I’ll include drinking, drugs, sex, and much more. If you don’t care to read those posts, don’t bother, I will include average posts from time to time as well. But I want to keep this blog as real as it gets…


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