Insulin Shots or Tequila Shots?

There is a certain balance you need to maintain while drinking alcohol if you plan on getting drunk. Honestly this can take a while to master as it did for me when I learned in high school. Once I got to college I was a master at drinking and knowing how to manage my blood sugar.

1. First off you have to know what to drink. I use to drink a lot of beer and sugary drinks that would end up spiking my blood sugar. When I drink beer I find that my blood sugar raises later on so I don’t have a high blood sugar until very late or even early morning. If I drink sugary drinks that spikes it right away. What I have come to realize is straight liquor is my best friend. Obviously you need to have a tolerance and how much you can handle but nothings going to stop me from having a good time and enjoying myself. If you’re not a fan of straight liquor I suggest vodka sodas. No carbs, no issues. By the way if you’re like me you may think that tonic is sugar free but it is definitely not.

2. Something else you need to know is how your blood sugar tends to fluctuate. I find that when I drink my blood sugar (if I kept to my liquor rule) drops somewhat throughout the night. So what I do before I go to sleep is make sure I’m between 150 and 200 so that I do not go low in my drunken state of sleep.

3. Make sure you take your long-acting insulin. I’m not on any pump or anything so I still use my long acting insulin that sometimes is prescribed to take at night. There have been times where I have missed it because of being drunk, but usually I still know what to do. I’ve even had friends compliment me for being able to inject myself with 40 units of insulin while I’m completely trashed. After a while you find that being a diabetic and doing the things you do everyday is engraved in you at this point. I was still able to do this honestly because of muscle memory and repetition.

4. If you don’t need to drink to have fun, don’t let people give you shit for it. You’re only as comfortable as you are with yourself including your diabetes. In the end, I respect the person who doesn’t drink and told me to fuck off more than the idiot that got pressured into drinking.


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