Compromising Your Sex Appeal With a CGM… Worth it?

CGM’s… We all know we should have one by now but am I the only one that doesn’t want to be attached to something? (I don’t use a pump) I tried the dexcom G5 about a year or two ago for a month and I was not a fan. Sure it’s great having access to your blood sugar 24/7 on your phone but at what cost?

I have never had an issue with checking my sugar when I need to so is a CGM really valuable to people like me? Not entirely.

The thing with me is that I don’t like knowing something is in me at all times. Call me crazy but I like feeling all natural. Also, there is NOTHING less sexy when you take off your shirt in front of your significant other then a CGM glued to your excess fat.

I don’t want to offend anyone reading this, but do you really want to have your sex appeal compromised by your CGM?

To me there is a huge trade off that I’m not always willing to pay. Sure it’s worth it to probably 75% of you reading this, but I like to overthink this type of stuff to know if I really want to have yet another thing for people to gawk at.

I am debating on trying the G6, my little sister loves it. I know it can be super beneficial for someone as busy as myself. It’s just hard for me to justify it when I have a great A1C already. I’ve become very good at feeling my sugars after 19 years, so do I need extra help?

Let me know your thoughts and opinions. Everywhere I have read about the topic has been people saying how much they love it, but I know there are people who disagree.

Are you willing to compromise your sexiness? I don’t know if I am.


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